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Real Estate

For years The Hanchett Law Firm has assisted and advised its clients on many aspects Georgia real estate law. Attorney Hanchett understands how overwhelming and stressful real estate transactions can be and he strives to simplify the process clients, while assisting them in accomplishing their dreams.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding real estate law in the Georgia Metropolitan area, don’t hesitate to contact Attorney Hanchett. He has experience helping many clients in the following areas:

Title Due Diligence

Title due diligence is all about making sure a property is secure and safe before making an investment. This would include an in-depth review of the title history, a search for the right of the current owner to sell the property, as well as other investigations into the property.

Closing Services

With something so important as closing on a property, the last thing you want is a miscommunication or mistake from either party. An Atlanta closing services attorney can coordinate communication between all parties involved, as well as prepare, distribute, and document the appropriate paperwork during closing.

Refinance Transactions

If you own a home or property, it’s likely that you’ve considered refinancing. While the bank or the mortgage company may be primarily handling your transaction, they won’t necessarily keep your best interest. A real estate attorney can help you understand the elements of the transaction and ensure that there’s proper documentation throughout the process.

Boundary Disputes

Even if a boundary dispute starts out seemingly trivial, it can quickly turn into a large headache and legal battle. Disputes such as boundary lines, title transfers, and flawed deeds should be handled by an experienced lawyer.

Quiet Title

A quiet title action is designed to clarify or confirm ownership of property, specifically, if there’s a dispute or defect over said ownership.

You should not have to face real estate disputes and transactions alone. Contact the Hanchett Law Firm today to help with your case.